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While septic tank cleaning and New Year’s celebrations aren’t exactly synonymous, this is a good time to ensure the continuing health of your septic tank by arranging a cleaning. If you aren’t on a regular schedule for septic tank cleaning, now is the time to start.

The Importance of Septic Tank Cleaning

The last thing anyone wants is a backed up septic tank discharging its contents into the home. Not only are you dealing with an incredible, emergency mess, but the bacteria involved present a significant health hazard. That’s a worst-case scenario, but without regular cleaning, sludge layers dominate the tank. Once the tank is full of solids, pipes and outlets become clogged. With regularly scheduled cleaning, your septic tank operates at peak efficiency, and you can avoid the danger and damage of an overly full tank.

Septic Cleaning Frequency

How often your septic tank requires cleaning depends on the number of people living in the home, but all septic tanks need cleaning at least every three years. If more than three people live in the home, or you frequently host parties and similar large gatherings, you’ll need to clean your tank annually or every other year. Basically, the more wastewater generated, the more often the septic tank needs cleaning. If there is any sign of a failing septic, such as a bad odor or wet areas in the disposal field, have your tank serviced immediately.

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

In addition to regular cleaning, there are measures you can take to keep your septic tank in good repair and prolong its useful life. Besides the results of bodily functions, nothing other than toilet paper should be flushed down your septic system. Fix any plumbing leaks in your home promptly, as leaking toilets or sinks can send hundred of gallons daily into your system, potentially overburdening your septic system.

If you don’t know the size and age of your tank, find out. Your local municipal construction department can likely provide you with that information. Once you know the definite size and age, you can coordinate with your septic service company on a pump out schedule.

Money Spent Wisely

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular cleaning of your septic tank is money well spent, because the technician inspects the overall state of the septic system. If there is a minor issue, you can nip it in the bud before it becomes a major, costly mess.   

Maintenance And Septic Tank Pumping

The best way to protect your tank is to have it professionally inspected, pumped, and cleaned, before a big event and at least once every 3 years dependent on family size and consumption. A to Z Statewide Plumbing has been servicing septic systems in South Florida for 38 years. Contact us today for a no hassle estimate, and make sure you’re prepared for the holiday.

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