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Restaurant Grease Removal, Grease Trap in Miami, Florida, Fort LauderdaleA to Z Statewide Plumbing maintains the control of food by-products from numerous restaurants, malls, and produce companies in South Florida. We design maintenance schedules for any size restaurant and protect the counties’ waste water system from contamination by keeping these grease traps clean.

We have equipment and capabilities for pumping and transporting grease from the most difficult locations and can remove any volume of liquids as well as any consistency of grease, even solid form.

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Grease Trap Cleaning & Grease Trap Removal Services in South Florida

When maintained properly, grease traps prevent your restaurant kitchen grease and food waste materials from entering the city sewer system. Grease is a leading cause of sanitary sewer overflows, since it clogs sanitary sewer lines and ultimately causes line blockages. The result is all too frequent discharges of untreated wastewater into streets, homes and commercial enterprises. Ultimately these problematic waste streams enter our local waterways, where they cause further cleanup costs and restrict recreation, tourism and commerce. Your traps must be regularly emptied and periodically cleaned to prevent costly and dirty back-ups or over-flows.

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“A to Z Statewide Plumbing is the Florida leader in grease interceptor and grease trap waste collection and disposal services.”

Unlike many grease trap companies that just skim the top of the grease trap, A to Z cleans and evacuates 100% of the trap content, providing life cycle asset savings by ensuring that the trap and the pipes leading to it are well maintained and in compliance with regulations and best industry practices. Additionally, A to Z will, at each service, scrape the walls and powerwash the bottom, sidewalls, inlet and outlet pipes, and the baffles of the traps with the exception of very small interior traps where the use of a pressure washer might damage the trap and/or splash water and debris in the kitchen area creating an unsafe work environment.

A to Z Statewide Plumbing provides much more than just simple pumping services.  This is important because the business of wastewater has become very complex and calls for a heightened awareness of environmental impacts, a detailed understanding of regulatory accountability and the capability to handle the increasing costs of operating a modern transportation fleet.  We succeed because we understand these issues and deliver the comprehensive business solution to ensure they are addressed.

How a Grease Trap Works

Grease Trap

The purpose of a grease trap (or interceptor) is to prevent grease and food solids from entering the sanitary sewer system. This is accomplished by capturing all of the waste deposited in the drain (mostly water) in the primary separation basin. The water in the trap (from the drains) cools the grease to room temperature, solidifying it. Because grease is lighter than water, it floats to the top. the food solids, that are heavier than water sink to the bottom.

Restaurant Grease Waste ServiceA crossover pipe located in the middle of the wall separating the primary from the secondary separation compartment allows the cleaner water to flow into the secondary separation basin. The “primary” provides the majority of the separation, while some of the grease still suspended in the water makes its way through the crossover and is captured in the “secondary” creating a second separation.

The outgoing line leaves the secondary and establishes the normal liquid level, then it will flow to the sanitary sewer system.

A properly functioning grease trap should always maintain a normal liquid level. This does not indicate that the trap is “full”. To learn more about restaurant grease trap services contact A to Z Statewide Plumbing.

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