5 Major Causes for Drain Clogs - That You Won't Believe!

Drain Unclogging Miami PlumberPeople often ask us, What are the major causes for drain clogs? How can we prevent future clogs?” Keeping your drains freely flowing and in excellent condition should always be a priority in a Florida house. Messy floor leaks, costly repairs, yard flooding and just plain general inconvenience are the prices to pay for negligence on this front, so please inspect for the following immediately after any suspected drainage issues:

Cause #1: Bones and Hard Shells in Your Disposal.

It’s pretty self-evident, but garbage disposals can be a messy business. Bones and large chunks of greasy food can prove troublesome for your garbage disposal and lead to a clogged drain. You’ll need to toss most of these above mentioned offenders directly into your garbage, not into your disposal.

Cause# 2: Dishwashers Fail Sometimes.

Your dishwasher is a life saver after a long day and a painstakingly cooked meal, but every once in a while it can actually create extra work for you. Repeated running of your dishwasher or failure to properly remove solid waste from its innards before running a cycle can cause a nice backup in your drain.

Cause #3: Washing Machine Also Causes Drain Clogs.

Your washing machine can pose problems in the same manner as your dishwasher, so be vigilant when taking care of those seemingly never-ending loads of laundry. Pay attention to when your clogs tend to happen — if they seem to occur on days you’re running your washing machine then you’ve probably located the source of the problem. Multiple large loads in quick succession can cause the synthetic fabrics of your clothing to gather in drains and foil even your best efforts at keeping your drains free flowing.

Cause #4: Maybe the Main Sewer Line is the Problem.

Perhaps surprisingly, your main sewer line may be behind all your drainage woes, no matter whether the clog occurs in an area in the line right beside your house or near the edge of the street. Local municipalities have different guidelines governing what is your responsibility and what is not regarding the sewer line and you may be on the hook for a repair before you can restore the health of your drains. Check with your Miami municipality to determine how to handle a clogged sewer line.

Cause #5: Rain Can Become the External Factor for Clogged Drains. 

Beware of heavy rains. The deluge following a storm can cause clogging in outside drains as dirt and debris wash in rapidly and collect. These drains are not often intended for large volumes of water in a short time period, and a summer storm may have you scrambling to prevent flooding to your property.

In summary, we covered the top five reasons for drain clogging and if you need an emergency plumbing, A to Z Statewide Plumbing is available for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We serve most major cities such as Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, Pembroke Pines, and more.

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