Drain Cleaning and DrainVision Inspection ~ Home Plumbing Tips

Nobody likes dealing with a clogged drain. Every now and then the cause is simple, like a dropped cap that is keeping water in the sink. But usually the problem is further down, and you can’t tell right away why the water isn’t flowing down the drain. The problem needs to be dealt with immediately, though, because a clogged drain will lead to other problems like backflow, bad smells and even eventually disease.

Most bathtub clogs result from the build up of dirt, skin particles and especially hair as it binds to the soap scum and stays caught in your pipes. Toilet clogs often result from people dropping in items they shouldn’t, like toilet paper rolls, dental floss, feminine hygiene products and diaper wipes. Most toilet clogs can be remedied with a plunger. Kitchen sinks have their own problems, and often clog up because of grease build up or too much food binding with soap to stay in the drain. Most people realize that they shouldn’t put grease directly down a drain, but it can happen. It’s important to wait until grease solidifies and throw it away, and dilute hot oil before pouring it directly into the sink.

If you have tried to deal with the problem yourself unsuccessfully, it is often safer to call on a professional than to continue to try different methods. You could cause more harm than good, leading to a messier problem than you started with. A to Z Statewide Plumbing has the best modern equipment to deal with any kind of a clog. Their professional drain cleaning equipment works safely and effectively to protect your plumbing while solving your problem. Instead of the traditional drain snake, A to Z takes advantage of Hydro Jetting Services, which are a longer term and trouble-free solution to drain problems. High-tech pumps and flexible hoses direct water directly into the affected areas to both cleanse and unclog all of your plumbing areas. Hydro Jetting is the best solution for the worst clogs.

If you have had an ongoing problem with a clog or slow moving drains and the problem is hard to see, A to Z can use DrainVision, a state of the art CCTV inspection camera which can inspect your piping in even very hard to reach areas. You can learn about problems before they become serious. Make sure you ask to use DrainVision when you are getting your drain unclogged, so you can review the tape for yourself and work with our certified technician to choose the best solution for your problem.

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