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Spring Cleaning Plumbing Checklist

Often, it is tempting to concentrate too much on the garden, lawn, and cleaning the house during the spring and ignore the impact that temperature changes have on our plumbing systems. Reviewing your plumbing system once every year will help you catch and address any problems earlier on and avoid expensive repairs down the line.
This article explores the ultimate spring cleaning plumbing checklist.

1.Check your appliances

Check appliances such as the water heater, dishwasher, and washing machines for any signs of leakages due to worn out parts. Experts recommend that you flush out your water heater once every year to prevent sediment buildup and subsequent corrosion.

2. Inspect your faucets and plumbing pipes for leaks

Water stains on your ceiling or walls could be due to a hidden leak. Moisture stains under the sinks could also be due to a leak. Make sure you check exposed pipes in any crawl space and more so in your basement. Dripping faucets should be repaired or replaced immediately.

3. Ensure your drains are working perfectly

Soap buildup and other debris can ultimately lead to blocked drains. If you notice a backed up sink or bathtub, have a professional inspect and clean the drain lines. Avoid using chemical-based cleaners as they could not only damage your plumbing system but are also harmful to the environment.

4. Inspect any outdoor faucets and irrigation system

A home with an irrigation system or outdoor faucets is highly susceptible to invisible leaks. To establish whether there is a leak, note down the water meter readings and turn off all faucets and appliances for an hour or two. If the readings are different, it’s highly likely that there’s a leak.

5. Check the septic system

If you have a septic system, the spring is an ideal time to have it inspected and drained if necessary. Once the winter snow melts, it could make the water table rise higher causing your tank to overflow. Therefore, a septic tank inspection cannot be overemphasized.

6. Remember the sump pump

It is also vital to check on your sump pump’s efficiency during the spring. Simply pour a few buckets of water in the sump pump pit to establish whether it’s working optimally. Problems with the sump pump are best handled by a qualified plumber.

While you may fix some minor problems on your plumbing system, call in a professional should you come across a serious issue. You can also have a professional perform a detailed plumbing inspection of your home or commercial building.

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