How to Care for a Septic System - Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

Septic tank maintenance does not need to be a complicated matter; following basic guidelines will prolong the life of your system and reduce your overall expenses. Keeping a written record of any professional services performed on your tank will increase the value of your home and reduce the need for unnecessary septic tank pumping.

Six Helpful Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

  1. Avoid use of a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals encourage homeowners to send grease, egg or nut shells, coffee grounds and more down the drain. All of these items are harmful to the system and can reduce its lifespan.
  2. Stay off the drain field. Avoid driving over your system’s drain field, and don’t place a pool or garden over the area. It’s best to leave the drain field covered in grass and undisturbed, save for mowing your lawn.
  3. Chemicals and septic tanks don’t mix! Your septic tank contains bacteria which break down human waste over time. Chemicals, including bleach, paints, household cleaners and more are all poisonous to these beneficial bacteria and will¬†contaminate groundwater supplies.
  4. Minimize the water entering your system. Reducing your household water consumption will extend the life of your septic system, but it’s also important to redirect surface runoff away from the drain field.
  5. Don’t rely on septic tank additives. Tank additives can help correct an emergency situation but offer little long term benefit. They should never be used as a replacement to routine tank pumping.
  6. Have your tank professionally inspected once per year. A professional technician can determine if it’s time to pump the tank and will save you money in the long run. Typically, solids must be removed from septic tanks once every three to five years.

Proper Care to Avoid Big Hassles

Regardless if you have a brand new septic system or are caring for one that is decades old, proper maintenance can make your life much easier. No one wants to deal with a backed up septic system on a holiday weekend or during a special event, but simple procedures will extend the life of your tank and drain field and minimize the need for expensive services. Contact a professional at A to Z Statewide Plumbing today to discover how we can help keep your septic system in top working order.

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