Proactive Tips for Avoiding Septic System Issues or Failures

Septic Tank System

Septic systems, when well designed and properly installed, are one of the most efficient and trouble-free methods of sewage disposal for both residential and business use. However, misuse or lack of proper maintenance can cause problems to develop, ranging from flow issues to complete failure. If you are a South Florida home or business owner, the following tips will help you keep your septic system operating at peak performance for decades to come.

Avoid Problems by Avoiding These Materials

The best way to prevent septic system problems is to ensure that materials that do not easily break down are kept out of the system, as well as those that can disrupt or kill the necessary bacteria in the septic tank that help to digest solid waste. These materials include:

  • paper products, such as paper toweling, feminine sanitary products and wet wipes for both skin cleansing and cleaning usage
  • cotton balls, cotton swabs cigarette butts
  • hair
  • kitty litter, sand and dirt
  • grease, oil, diary products or liquids with high fat content, such as some cooking broths and liquids
  • chemicals, such as household cleaners and bleach
  • prescription medicines

Inspect the System Regularly for Leaks, Odors or Issues

Septic tank owners can help keep their septic systems functioning properly by being alert to developing issues, such as slow running drains and toilets that have become slow to flush. In addition to watching for these signs, septic system owners should regularly walk the area where their system in installed, staying alert for leaks and unpleasant odors. Should any of these problems be noted, it is wise to stop using the system and call a full-service plumbing contractor, such as A to Z Statewide Plumbing, Inc., to perform a preventative maintenance check and make any necessary repairs.

Have the Septic Tank Pumped Regularly

The most important part of keeping a residential or commercial septic system operating effectively is to ensure that the septic tank is regularly pumped out. This will ensure the system never becomes overloaded and help to reduce the potential for catastrophic septic system failure. When choosing a service to pump your septic tank, look for one that offers professional service with less wait time, such as A to Z Statewide Plumbing, Inc.

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