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Most people do not think of plumbing as a constantly evolving science, but the innovations in plumbing that have occurred over just the past few years have improved the lifestyle of the average person around the world immensely. Here is a look at some of the most important technological advancements in a science that surrounds you literally everywhere you go.

The PEX Pipe

PEX is short for polyethylene plastic, an incredibly cheap type of plastic that has a very unique cellular structure. This new structure provides increased flexibility over traditional piping without losing strength, resistance against fractures, dissolution and scratches, and the ability to perform well in inclement weather and extreme temperatures.

PEX is relatively new; however, it is creating a cost effective infrastructure that lasts much longer for many people. It doesn’t corrode, and it lasts for 50 years.

Touch Free Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing features that are completely touch free allow the average person to have a hands off faucet and toilet in the bathroom. This helps to stop the spread of germs in households, and the materials on the appliances, believe it or not, will last years longer simply because they are not coming into contact with the natural corrosives that are on the skin.

Along with touch free plumbing fixtures, a new plumbing advancement that allows people to save money and stay cleaner is the motion sensor plumbing fixture. When people use toilets and sinks, they use more water than is actually necessary. Motion sensors can actually reduce this water flow based on the motion of the person who is using the sink, reducing the amount of water that is used in the house.

Long Life Battery Operated Sump Pumps

Sump pumps that are not connected to your main power source can help immensely if your power fails. The sump pumps of yesterday were basically old, converted DC bilge pumps powered on gas. If you are living in an older house, you may want to have this feature upgraded for your safety!

You need a plumbing company that understands how to keep up with technology. If you are having problems in your home, you now have the opportunity not only to fix the problem, but also to ensure that it does not happen again! Make sure that you have a plumbing company that understands the technologies above and keeps its ear to the street to pick up on the newest innovations.

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