What Shouldn’t Go Down Your Drain Lines?

What Shouldn't go down the drain?

Water draining slower than usual down the sink drain? Is it backing up through other drains within the home?

If you’ve answered “yes” to either of the above questions, chances are you’ve got a clogged drain somewhere within the home. And if you can rule out a toilet clog, there’s a good chance that the blockage is a result of years worth of… let’s just call them “foreign objects”… going down the kitchen sink. It’s important to remember that your home’s plumbing system is designed to process waste and liquids – and little else. While garbage disposals can help shred food waste so it won’t clog pipes, know that not everything is meant to be processed via it. Combine that with other things that absolutely shouldn’t go down the drain, and you may encounter some plumbing problems. In this post, we’ll tell you what you should absolutely never put down your sink drains. Here’s a look.

5 Things That Shouldn’t Go Down Your Drain

1. Grease

Grease should always be drained and discarded. Otherwise, it’s likely to harden within pipes, creating blockages that make it difficult for anything else to pass through. Fats and oils should also be drained and discarded separately.

2. Paint

Though paint isn’t likely to clog your pipes, it is likely to contaminate the water system. The same is true of cleaning products and medication, two other things you shouldn’t just wash away.

3. Eggshells

You’ve likely heard how eggshells are actually good for maintaining a garbage disposal, but they’re not exactly good for your pipes. That’s because the little bits of shell are likely to become lodged in any grease or fat that has accumulated in the pipes.

4. Coffee Grounds

How can something so small clog pipes? It’s because coffee grounds clump together when wet.

5. Flour and Dough

If you’re a regular baker, it’s recommended that you refrain from putting flour and dough down the sink drain. The mixture is a slime-like mix that can obstruct pipes.

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