Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Water Heater Maintenance and Repair: Tips for Every Homeowner

From warm baths to hot water in the kitchen, the advantages of having hot water in your home are obvious. Even though the appliance can work really hard for you and your home to provide all the modern conveniences for a lot of years, this water-related appliance does occasionally need some water heater maintenance attention. Work with us at A to Z Statewide Plumbing when you need water heater repair, but there are a few tips every homeowner can use to avoid repairs as much as possible.

1. Occasionally do a system flush to eliminate sediment.

Sediment accumulates inside of a water heater tank due to the mineral deposits that are present in the water. If you do not flush this sediment out of the tank about once a year, you can collect an abundance of sediment that can generate problems with the function of the unit. Flushing can be done by opening the valve at the base to eliminate all water inside the tank. However, you can also have a plumber take care of the task as well.

2. Test the pressure release valves periodically for proper function.

All water heaters are equipped with pressure release valves. These valves are designed to open up and allow pressure out when too much builds up inside of the water tank. Periodically, it is best to check these valves to make sure they are still opening easily and would do their job if something went wrong.

3. Make sure you have the proper clearance around the water heater.

Keep about two feet of clearance around the outer perimeter of the water heater. Crowding items around the exterior of the unit can actually create a fire hazard, but it also can make it more difficult to access the unit when something goes wrong.

4. Take a look at the anode rod every few years for signs of deterioration.

The anode rod is designed to attract electrons that would otherwise be harmful to the interior tank of the unit. Occasionally, the anode rod does have to be replaced. Take a look at the anode rod in your water heater. If the rod is severely corroded, it is time for a replacement. The rod should be replaced about every five years under usual circumstances.

Contact a Professional for Water Heater Repair

No matter how well you keep tabs on water heater maintenance, there may come a time when you need water heater repair. Make sure you always trust repairs of your water heater to professionals like us at A to Z Statewide Plumbing for help. Reach out to us today to discuss your issues.

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