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House Smell Like Sewer

There is nothing so exasperating to a homeowner than a sewer smell inside a house. Although the sewer smell may be found in some areas outside of the home, it becomes disturbing if it starts getting inside the house. At this point, there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

This problem may be difficult for a homeowner who is not familiar with plumbing problems.  A sewer smell inside the house is something that should never be ignored but handled with immediate effect. Call in an experienced technician from A to Z Statewide Plumbing who will be able to diagnose the problem and provide a viable solution. Below are some reasons why your house smells like a sewer.

Missing or Faulty Trap Plugs

The leading cause of a sewer smell in your house is an ill-fitted, missing, or faulty sewer line. Be sure to inquire into DrainVision Camera Inspection to identify the problem. Typically, your house trap is U-shaped, so water sits at the bottom of the trap acting as a barrier between the sewer gases from the local area sewer and your house. You are likely going to have that sewer smell if your trap is not sealed properly or a plug is loose and leaking.

Clogged Pipes

Sometimes, the vent pipe which is usually found on your roof or above the house will get clogged with numerous debris. This clogging prevents gas from being trapped in which allows it to escape to the outside which results in a sewer smell. The best way of avoiding a sewer smell resulting from clogged pipes is to have window screening fitted over all your vent pipes and clamp to hold everything in place. The window screening plays a vital role in keeping the vent pipes free of debris.

Broken Seals on Your Toilet

Having broken seals around your toilet can also result in a sewer smell since it allows water to either siphon or dry out the traps hence allowing the smell to enter your house. Sometimes, the smell can occur as a result of an air leak around the wax layer of the toilet or in the vent pipe. The existence of a damp wood may also result in a foul sewer smell in your house.

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