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Post holiday plumbing clean up

With the holiday season in full swing, many people are prepping for the arrival of family and friends. While the focus is on making sure that the house is clean and tidy for all of the extra visitors, it is also important to think about the aftermath. With all of the extra people in the home, the house is going to be working overtime to provide electricity, heat, and plumbing for everyone. Once the party is over, the house might need a deep cleaning. This includes the drains, which are often neglected. Why is it important to keep the drains clean in the home?

The Odors are Strong

The job of the drains is to flush excess food and drink particles away from the home. Sometimes, with the drains having to accommodate all of the extra people, these particles can start to build up and clog the drains. As the food degrades in the drain system, it gives off a disgusting odor. Occasionally, people have trouble figuring out where the odor is coming from. To get rid of this, the drains need a deep cleaning.

Clogged Drains can Impact People’s Health

In addition to the food particles, the drains are also responsible for washing away all of the waste water from the home as well. If the waste starts to back up, this is a breeding ground for mold and fungus. Some types of mold and fungus reproduce by spreading spores throughout the air, giving the air a musty smell. If people inhale these particles, they can become sick. Try to avoid this by not letting the waste water back up.

Clogged Drains can Bust Pipes

One of the biggest dangers of having clogged drains is the impact that it can have on the pipes. As the water backs up behind the drains, the pipes can start to clog as well. As the water backs up, the pipes struggle to keep all of the extra liquid contained. Eventually, the pipes could burst, leading to a disaster. Clean the drains to prevent this from happening.

Clean the Drains Thoroughly after a Holiday Gathering

It is important for everyone to give the drains a thorough cleaning after a holiday gathering. Drains can become clogged with all of the extra people in the home. Prevent the problems discussed above by cleaning the drains regularly.

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