When Does My Lift Station Need to Be Cleaned?

lift station cleaning

Lift stations are designed to help commercial and restaurant waste to flow directly into your city’s main sewage system smoothly and without blockages. Once waste makes its way into the lift station, it is pumped through a powerful grinder and up on into the main city line. The lift station pumps are triggered by a simple flotation system that is similar to the ones found in the water tank at the back of a toilet – just like a mini elevator! Lift stations typically require very little maintenance if they are designed to only handle “sanitary waste.” However, in commercial settings, they are typically attached to a grease station as well. This means that regular maintenance is necessary to keep things flowing properly.

Why is Lift Station and Grease Trap Cleaning Important?

If a grease station is attached to your lift station system, there’s a good chance that the amount of grease that is allowed to build up over time could cause issues. Grease can easily build up on the pump and floats that work to carry waste away from your home and eventually cause the entire system to shut down. Additionally, large amounts of grease can cause the float system to run continuously. If the float system keeps running after the system has been drained, the motor on the pump could burn out.

Cleaning a Lift Station

Luckily, regular lift station cleaning can help to prevent these common issues. If you see grease caking up around the walls of the lift station or float system, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Many busy restaurants rely on a strict 90-day cleaning cycle to prevent any major problems from arising but smaller businesses may need to speak with their local plumber to determine a proper cleaning schedule.

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