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Important Septic Tank Maintenance Steps

Important Septic Tank Maintenance Steps

A septic system serves an important need in everyday life and it can last for years if properly maintained. For many homeowners, it’s almost magical. Things go down the drain and you just have it pumped out later. But improper use and failure to maintain a septic tank can be costly to repair or replace. A damaged system can also lead to other hazards such as contaminated ground water. It’s important that you have a healthy septic tank and here are a few things to consider.

Monitor What You Flush

Everything that goes into the septic tank has an effect on how well it functions. Small amounts of food waste can be beneficial to positive bacteria growth. Large portions of leftovers are better off in the garbage or compost pile. Excessive amounts of cooking oils, grease and fats can also hinder bacteria from functioning at a high level. These are a few items you should never allow into a septic tank.

  • Baby or hand wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Coffee grounds
  • Diapers
  • Cat Litter

Other items such as non-biodegradable household cleaners and motor oil will also inhibit your system from doing its job.

Use A Bacteria Additive

Every tank benefits from adding live organic bacteria to replenish these naturally occurring elements. Keep in mind, bacteria are responsible for breaking down solids in the tank. Some amount of soap or detergent will inevitably find its way down the drain and kill them off. The more efficient that process, the less likely you are to have a tank issue. Bacteria additives are relatively expensive and help keep the system on track.

Pump Out Regularly

Take the time to talk with a septic system professional about how often you should have the tank pumped out. The frequency will depend on factors such as tank size and number of household members, among other things. A key factor is not allowing sludge to accumulate and enter your drainfield. Regular pumping will help avoid the build-up of solids and reduce the chances of repair or replacement.

Inspect Regularly

Establish a service contract with a septic system professional that includes routine inspections. Having a professional check out its status will allow you to take preventative measures and avoid tank buildups.

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