Your Four Step Spring Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

spring plumbing checklist

Spring is just around the corner. With the changing of the seasons comes the opportunity to start anew with a clean house and a freshly planted garden, but spring also provides the perfect opportunity to check in on how well your plumbing is functioning. Waiting until something breaks or malfunctions can end up costing you in time and money; running through this quick four step spring plumbing maintenance checklist will alert you to any major and potentially costly plumbing issues.

Inspect your faucets for leaks

Leaky faucets can lead to bigger water bills and wasted money. To prevent your money from going down the drain, take the time to inspect all of the faucets in your house. Turn the water on and off and see if any drips remain; take a look at the pipes underneath your sink to catch any leaks there as well.

Check how well your toilet is working

Homeowners often ignore minor toilet issues, but if you have to jiggle or wrangle your toilet’s handle in order to flush, your toilet needs some replacement parts. Luckily, this repair is easy and the necessary parts are inexpensive. As with leaky faucets, fixing this toilet issue can save you money on your water bill.

Make sure that all your drains are protected with filters

Hair, soap buildup and other debris can easily block your drains, leading to backed up sinks and tubs and potentially damaging clogs. By purchasing inexpensive and removable filters to place over all of your home’s drains, you can easily prevent blocked drains.

Clean your shower heads

Over time, mineral deposits in your water can clog your shower heads, leading to lower water pressure and less satisfying showers. Breaking up the clog doesn’t require expensive cleaning solutions, however. Simply removing your shower heads and soaking them in plain white vinegar overnight is sufficient to remove most mineral buildup.

If you uncover any more serious plumbing issues as your run through your spring maintenance checklist, the professionals at A to Z Statewide Plumbing can help. Just contact us today for assistance.

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