Fixed-Rate Plumbing vs. Hourly-Rate Plumbing Services

fixed rate plumbing

When people have problems with their plumbing they often contact professionals for assistance and are faced with an important decision. Should customers elect to invest in a flat rate plumbing service or should they pay for plumbing services by the hour? Before making a choice, it is important to consider the differences between fixed rate and hourly rate plumbing services. Some of the important considerations are below.

Deciphering the True Cost

Most people would prefer to know the total cost of the repair job up-front. This means that the price should include not only the price of the parts but also the cost of the labor as well. With a fixed rate plumbing service, the price is clear before the job even begins. The professional service offers a quote that includes the cost of replacement parts and the price of the labor. With an hourly rate plumbing service, the price of the job is a mystery until the repair is completed. For people who prefer to know the price of a service before they pay, go with a fixed rate plumbing service.

The Opportunity for Discounts

As a general rule, most services that charge by the hour do not offer any coupons or opportunities for discounts because it is difficult to justify a discount on an hourly rate. On the other hand, many fixed rate plumbing services run deals and specials. They may even offer coupons. These deals are in place because a fixed rate plumbing service values the business of their customers not just for that one repair job but as a customer for life. If someone is looking for an opportunity to receive a discount on a plumbing service in addition to getting to know a plumbing service for the future, a fixed rate service is the way to go.

An Efficient Fix

When people decide to go with an hourly rate plumbing service, this job often takes longer to complete because the hourly rate plumber is trying to drag out the job to run up the price. This is never going to happen with a fixed rate plumber because the plumber knows the amount they’re receiving before they even start. It is in their best interest to complete a job efficiently and make sure it is done right the first time. Nobody likes a job that takes forever to finish. Fixed rate plumbing services work quickly.

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